Ella M.


Ella M., alias Sabine Mehlberg, is a singer/songwriter, born in Germany, now living in the north of Scotland. Influenced and inspired by the American folk and country music of the 60s and 70s, Ella M. taught herself to play the guitar and sing folk songs right from the start. Just by listening to them, Ella learned from the old masters such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and later Eva Cassidy. She reinterprets the most loved songs in her own way but still within the tradition of the American folk and finger style. Just recently she has started to compose her own songs supported by a friend.


Ella M. has traveled throughout Europe for many years, singing on numerous stages, in different events and busking on countless streets – in Scotland, England, Germany, France, Ireland and Spain. With her clear, expressive voice she skillfully sends her audience on a wonderful emotional journey. Soul massage guaranteed.


She is privately engaged by, and to sing for, an old lady who calls it her "healing sessions" on a weekly basis. Besides that, Ella M. will tour during the summer as much as possible, she says "my calling is to travel and spread my love with my music."