"Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly"

I love to sing for people with all my heart, to entertain and to stir up long forgotten memories and emotions, positive feelings. Touching hearts with my songs is what I love most, to move my audience and to get into real contact.

With music it is the best and most direct way to do so for it is a universal language being understood all over the world without the need for translation. It finds its way directly into the hearts of the audience, no mind activity required.

I play folksongs of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez,  pop-oldies and some arrangements of Eva Cassidy and my own songs as well in concerts, festivals, private events (i. e. weddings, birthday party, living room concerts, funerals etc.)

Please get in touch for some more details.

Sabine Ella Mehlberg