(all programs are flexible timewise and can be adjusted according to your needs)



Bob Dylan

Concerts in Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs

Living Room Concerts

Private events (Birthday, Baptism, Wedding, Furneral, etc.)





A conglomeration of songs from all over the world. Oldies, Charts, Pop, Country, Folk, Blues with stories from the road.


Early Songs of Bob Dylan


Living Room Concerts

I love the intimacy of a living room concert with the audience close by and to sing for you and your friends and relatives or we even sing all together. Or you might want to give an acoustic present to somebody. Let 's talk about what is possible.


Private Events

Whatever you are celebrating, a touching song (or several) can add a kind of magic to your event.
It can be comforting (funeral), uplifting (wedding), a great walk down memory line (birthday), or just a lovely gimick to your party. Selected songs for your private events. I can send you a list of songs from which you can choose.